Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Goodbye from 7 Kids College Fund

Today will be the last post on the 7 Kids College Fund Challenge Blog. If you have not heard 7 Kids College Fund is closing the doors on August 31st. They are on the 2nd round of clearance so be sure to head over to the 7 Kids College Fund Store to snatch up some last minute deals. 

We on the Design Team have been so fortunate to be a part of this amazing team and have made many friendships along the way. While we are sad to say Goodbye, we know this is the time for our fearless leader to take a much needed break and enjoy life!

As a team, we want to take this opportunity to say a few last words. So this is for you Tabitha!! We love you so much!!

Sandi Huggett

I am sad to see 7 Kids close Tab, because it's been such a fabulous place to work,  with a team that is so much fun and creative! but I know  you have so many other things to look forward to exploring or just relaxing. I hope we can stay in touch and that I can still stop by for a chat whenever I visit Phoenix. With that being said I will only say see ya around and not goodbye. Huggs!


Tammy Louise
It's not everyday a designer is privileged to work with a wonderful and generous woman like you Tabitha! Sometimes this industry looks creative and simple on the outside, but it's the brave and enduring folks like you that every single day accomplish the background work no one sees and few appreciate. I personally want to say thank you! I wish for you only the best in your future endeavors! Best of luck to you lovely lady!

Rosie Bridges
Tabitha, I can't even begin to express my full appreciation to you for having me on the Design Team and for trusting me as your DT Leader. This team was an aspiration of mine for a very long time so it was definitely a dream come true when I was able to join. You are an amazing woman and friend! You always handled your business with such passion and integrity and have always been an inspiration to me. You will truly be missed in the business, but I know you have better things coming your way. I'm so blessed to have gotten to know you over the years and call you FRIEND! Love you bunches!!

Michele Cunningham
Tabitha, I'm so happy that I got to know you and be apart of your awesome design team. I'm going to miss all the fun we got to have. Thanks to you I have quite the craft stash. Thanks for everything. You are such a generous person and I love your sense of humor!!! The crafting world was very lucky to have you in it so don't be a stranger, I hope we can keep in touch. Love ya lots!

Kelli Arkell Hull
Tabitha, you are a pioneer in the online store world. I placed my very first preorder with you when the first electric BigShot came out. You were the GO TO for ALL the greatness for stamping! The years of love to customers all over is amazing! I was SO HONORED to be a part of your design team if only for a short while, but WOW! What a GREAT experience!!!!!! The fact you were in business all these years is a testament to your commitment to excellence, always allowing the customer to be right, dealing with different issues popping up..... All I can say is THANK YOU!!!!! May your "retirement" years bring you health and happiness! 

Colleen Holmes

Saying good-bye to 7 Kids College Fund store is hard for me to do. It was the very first online store I purchased my first crafting supplies from in 2009. Not only did I find a terrific store, I found a lifelong friend, Tab, the owner. I have been very fortunate and had the honor of meeting Tab in person and have visited several times since. The first time I visited her I walked around the store totally amazed of all the crafting supplies she carried. Rooms and rows of everything imaginable. And, what amazed me the most was Tab. A caring, witty, wonderful person with a sense of humor that always makes you giggle. When she asked if I wanted to be on her DT - well, that was a no brainer – what an honor! A year later life got hectic and I had to leave – and couldn’t wait for things to settle down so I could return. Being one of Tab’s DT’s has been an honor and a ride of joy that I hold deep within my heart. And, honestly when you see a 7 Kids package deliver to your door – you can’t wait to tear it open! Yes, I will miss the store terrible, it was my go to store for all of my crafting needs. But I won’t be missing Tab – she’s in my life forever. Good luck Tab in all of your future endeavors!!

Kelly Neis
Tab you have a kind and caring soul and I will miss the connection we have with your store and challenge. You are so easy to like and your humor gets me through a day. I am glad to have met you in person and to be part of your team. Enjoy yourself and keep us informed to your new life. You will have a lot of time to fill, come up here and visit me! Best wishes to you! Huge Hugs!